DrunkGuard Mobile App

DrunkGuard is the "all-in-one" breathalyzer app that calculates Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) for you and your friends. DrunkGuard is packed with features including a drunk dialing and drunk texting lockdown, sobriety games, time to sober countdown, party planner mode, personalizable drink database and even an auto taxi dial so you get home safely. The only drinking app you’ll ever need.

DrunkGuard is the only drinking App from a leading professional breathalyzer manufacturer, Lifeloc Technologies (www.lifeloc.com)

Home Screen

With a simple menu structure, DrunkGuard is easy to navigate. Once you leave the main menu, use the toolbar at the bottom of each page to travel to other features.

BAC Calculator

Records and tracks up to four drinkers simultaneously.  To begin, start a new session and enter your information.  Each tab represents a user, push the drink button to add new drinks and watch your BAC rise. If you have multiple users, the BAC home screen will allow you to see a running tally of BACs along with a button to quickly catch a cab.

Party Planner

Before heading out, let the Party Planner help you decide how much you should drink.  Provide some basic information including your desired BAC level and it quickly estimates how many drinks you can have.

Drunk Calling/Texting Blocker

Never wake up embarrassed again!  Once you have started a session, go to the blocker tab and start populating contacts.  Add all the ex flames, frenemies and bosses and as your BAC rises, you will be locked out from drunk texting or calling those contacts.  You can see your text/dial status in your BAC Tracker window.  In order to use this feature, the owner of the phone will always need to be in position one on the tracker.  You will still have access to your other contacts; you will only be locked out those that you identify.

Drink Database

Fully loaded, our drink database has just about every drink you could ever order. Scroll through the categories to find your favorite or feel free to add your own.  Simply click the add button at the top of screen, and add your drink.  You can even take a picture of the label and add it into the menu.

Sobriety Games

Let’s see how that hand eye coordination is working.  You have two options with DrunkGuard, typing your ABC’s backwards or a balance game.  Sounds easy now, but wait till you start drinking.  Pass it around and challenge your friends.

Call a Cab

Even one drink can equal impairment.  Use our cab feature to get yourself and your friends home safely.  DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE.