Open Container Laws

Man drinking alcohol in public

Open Containers in Public

All but seven states (Georgia, Louisiana, Virginia, Missouri, Montana, Nevada, and Pennsylvania) prohibit possessing or consuming from an open container of alcohol in public. In the states that do not have open container legislation local jurisdiction rules apply and these local ordinances usually have zero tolerance for open alcohol drinks. Zero Tolerance exceptions do exist.

Open Containers in Motor Vehicles

All states have zero tolerance for open drink containers in motor vehicles either through state laws or local ordinances. Typically, an omission in a state law is covered by local ordinances.

Exceptions are made for the consumption of alcohol in the living quarters of motor homes and in certain for hire vehicles such as a limousine. Under age individuals are never exempted.

It is also unlawful to store alcoholic beverages that are partially open, or with their seal broken in a glove compartment. Trunks are permitted.