Personal vs. Professional

Portable Breath Testers utilizing fuel cell technology have been widespread professional use for over 25 years in Law Enforcement, the Workplace, Corrections and related markets where alcohol abuse is a serious individual or public safety and health concern.  Lifeguard, for the first time, makes this highly reliable technology available to the consumer at an affordable price: a trustworthy breathalyzer for serious users who need to rely on the accuracy of their test results.

Lifeloc FC Series Breath Alcohol Testers

In Law Enforcement

Law Enforcement most commonly uses portable breath alcohol testers (PBTs) in combination with other Officer observed physical signs intoxication to detect drinking and driving at roadside sobriety checks. PBTs as they are known to law enforcement professionals are only a first line of detection and are normally followed up with additional blood and/or breath alcohol testing.

Law Enforcement alcohol breath testers are high precision fuel cell instruments that are rigorously tested and certified by the National Highway and Transportation Safety Association (NHTSA) and independently tested and certified by each state for use by Law Enforcement. These devices are monitored and maintained by Law Enforcement agencies to ensure optimum field performance and highly reliable results.

The LifeGuard is designed and built from Lifeloc’s twenty five plus years of Law Enforcement experience. Like our Law Enforcement units, the LifeGuard offers consumers precision fuel cell accuracy that is significantly more accurate than the low cost party, keychain, and novelty breathalyzers that are being imported for resale.


EV30 & Phoenix 6.0 Breath Alcohol Testers for Workplace Alcohol Testing

In The Workplace

Alcohol problems in the workplace affect most employers with an average of nine percent of U.S. workers using alcohol in ways that contribute to workplace safety issues, lost productivity, higher health care and insurance claims and increased absenteeism (Workplace Screening & Brief Intervention: What Employers Can and Should Do About Excessive Alcohol Use, George Washington University Medical Center, 2008)

Lifeloc is the leader in providing breath alcohol testing equipment that meets the governing standards and protocols set by the Department of Transportation for all transportation workers. These standards have been adopted by employers concerned with managing their healthcare costs, providing workplace safety and exercising good corporate responsibility.

Lifeloc serves the Workplace with a line of precision fuel cell alcohol testers, training and programs that enable businesses to implement and administer cost effective in-house employee testing.


Personal Breath Testers

Personal Breath Testers can be divided into two types by the different technology used to measure breath alcohol content. Platinum Fuel Cell Technology and Semiconductor Technology. Lifeloc Platinum Fuel Cell Technology is appropriate for precision breath alcohol content (BAC) measurement. Semiconductor technology is not.


LifeGuard Fuel Cell Technology vs. Semiconductor Technology

Fuel cell technology is now expanding in usage into various new applications, such as automotive, but it has been reliably used for over 25 years in breath alcohol measurement. It is the "Gold Standard" for portable alcohol breath measurement equipment. On the other hand, semiconductor technology is not commonly accepted in professional use breathalyzers due to its lack of precision and lack of discrimination between alcohol and other volatile breath substances. In short, it is not trusted by serious users.

Lifeloc makes and sells only the best. We decided to build and obtain FDA approval for a consumer breathalyzer we also chose to offer only the best sensing technology. That’s why you’ll find a Lifeloc platinum fuel cell at the heart of every LifeGuard®.