Law Enforcement Grade Breathalyzers

Lifeguard Breathalyzer to manage BAC

In addition to the LifeGuard, Lifeloc manufactures high quality portable breath alcohol test units for use by Law Enforcement in roadside sobriety checks. These professional devices are used worldwide to detect and deter the dangerous and generally illegal practice of driving while intoxicated. The very same units are also widely used in the Education marketplace by school administrators for screening students at various extra curricular activities such as sporting events and Prom.

The LifeGuard is born from Lifeloc’s twenty five plus years of Law Enforcement breath alcohol measurement experience. LifeGuard incorporates technologically advanced features used in our Law Enforcement that cannot be found in any of the semiconductor units in the market today.

Lifeloc does not recommend ever drinking and driving. For concerned consumers who are looking for a serious device to test themselves or others, there is no better choice than LifeGuard.