Office Parties

LifeGuard Breath Alcohol Tester helps monitor employees' drinking at office parties

The Holiday Office Party

In a 2005 survey conducted by WorldWit it was found that 75% of those surveyed regretted consuming three or more alcoholic beverages at the office holiday party and 6% actually admit to becoming ill or vomiting as a result of too much drinking. HR professionals and managers recognize that alcohol at the Holiday Office Party can be a well intended but expensive mistake.

In some states social hosting laws can find the company responsible if an employee drinks too much at the company social event and then injures himself or another person. Further, employers need to be concerned they may also be facilitating sexual harassment. If you are planning to serve alcohol then follow some basic rules.

Other Workplace Alcohol Testing

Workplace breath alcohol testing is now commonplace for pre-employment and post accident screening. Worker impairment due to alcohol abuse is a pervasive problem in many industries… transportation, manufacturing, construction, service industries, and all levels of government and industry. Workers under the influence due to substance abuse are a danger to themselves, a danger to co-workers and customers, and represent a huge cost to government and business that can jeopardize jobs and health in numerous ways.

Mandated Alcohol Testing

Mandated breath alcohol testing covers companies/employees in the transportation industries that are specifically regulated by the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT), such as trucking, aviation, etc. The detailed procedures and regulations for employee alcohol testing are clearly defined in the DOT 49CFR Part 40. Because of the seriousness of this testing, and to ensure that employee alcohol testing is conducted properly, testing and certifications are required.

Non-mandated Alcohol Testing

Non-mandated breath alcohol testing is much broader and can be applied to just about every type of industry or business. Examples would be construction, manufacturing, food processing, heavy equipment operators, highway contractors…the list is extensive. Non-mandated breath alcohol testing programs can be customized to fit the needs of the particular employer, but there are numerous non-mandated companies that choose to follow the DOT program/protocol. The DOT program is tried, tested and proven by years of precedent.

Implementing a Workplace Program

Workplace alcohol testing requires specialized breath alcohol testing equipment, training and experience. Lifeloc manages a nationwide network of certified trainers who can provide expert consultation and templates for HR policies pertaining to workplace substance abuse. For more information or to be referred to a certified trainer, contact Lifeloc at