Evidential Testing

Workplace Testing with Phoenix 6.0BT

Evidential breath testing is distinct from personal use testing in that the results from EBTs (Evidential Breath Testers) are accepted for use in a court of law. Evidential breath alcohol testing instruments are tested and approved by the Department of Transportation to very high standards. These devices are widely used by law enforcement and by specially trained technicians in the workplace for pre-employment testing, random testing, post-accident testing and reasonable suspicion employee testing.

Lifeloc Technologies is a leading manufacturer of DOT approved evidential breath testing devices for use by the military, the transportation industry, and in many other workplace settings.

While many personal use devices marketed on the internet and in mass retail stores are tested by the DOT as alcohol screening devices (meaning they can detect and some can measure the presence of alcohol in human breath) these devices do not meet the high standards of accuracy required by the DOT for evidential use.

Personal use breathalyzer results are never accepted by law enforcement or admissible in court.

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