Prom & Graduation

Monitor students drinking before prom with the LifeGuard personal breathalyzer

More than ever before, parents and schools are getting directly involved with protecting their teen’s health and safety especially at milestone events such as prom and graduation. Concerned parents recognize that underage drinking is never acceptable. Looking the other way to teenage drinking does not change the fact that underage drinking is illegal and dangerous. Trying to control alcohol consumption by hosting prom parties where alcohol is served to minors is also illegal.

The statistics are sobering:

Tips for Parents

There are many websites that offer valuable ideas on how parents can make prom or Homecoming a safer event for their teens. Here are some of the ideas related directly to alcohol.

The Family Breathalyzer

Chances are good that your teen’s school will administer random or mandatory breath alcohol tests at major school events. While at times controversial, the practice is widespread, effective, and growing. Many teachers, parents and students are on record in support of the practice.

As everyone knows, breath alcohol testing at school events does not guarantee an alcohol free evening. Students who drink will stay away and drinking may still take place elsewhere.

Parents can easily monitor their teens before and after school sponsored events. Where breath alcohol monitoring is done with the family breathalyzer as a routine part of alcohol involved activities (home parties, family gatherings, and holiday celebrations), breath alcohol testing becomes an accepted safety practice by adults and teens alike.

Tips for Educators

Learn how schools are dealing with students drinking alcohol.