Markets Served

Lifeloc Technologies, Inc.

Lifeloc Technologies, Inc. is a leader in the engineering, manufacture and sale of commercial breath alcohol testers for a wide range of applications, markets and geographies worldwide. Since our founding in 1983, our corporate mission has been to build the most precise, reliable and easiest to use alcohol breath testing devices in the industry. Today, our highly accurate and reliable fuel cell devices are the preferred choice by professionals in many countries around the world. We back everything we sell with exemplary customer and technical service.

Recently we expanded our markets served to include the consumer segment where we offer a highly precise fuel cell breath tester as an alternative to the unreliable and inaccurate semiconductor technology based devices circulating in the market today.

LifeGuard brand: For Consumer Markets

Lifeloc Technologies is the first breathalyzer manufacturer to introduce a "Made in America" precision fuel cell tester that is also built upon our 25 years of Law Enforcement breath testing experience. LifeGuard is a serious breath alcohol tester for serious consumers. The LifeGuard Division of Lifeloc Technologies serves non-professional BAC testing applications in diverse consumer segments including:


Lifeloc Brand: For Commercial and Government Markets

Lifeloc Technologies has been a leader in the professional use markets for alcohol breath testing instruments for over 25 years. We take pride in offering everything a business or government agency requires to establish an effective alcohol monitoring program including equipment, mouthpieces, factory authorized training and certifications, training, and a complete offering of alcohol testing supplies and calibration equipment.

Our professional breath alcohol testers all utilize the latest fuel cell technology to ensure the accuracy, reliability and ease of use that are hallmarks of the Lifeloc brand. You will find Lifeloc alcohol testing instruments in the following markets:

Workplace Safety & DOT Regulations

Lifeloc is the leading supplier to the US Workplace market, enabling companies and clinics to guiding customers through all aspects of setting up and administering DOT certified alcohol-testing programs in their places of business. Lifeloc provides state-of-the-art evidential breath testing equipment, DOT and related supplies, and Breath Alcohol Technician (BAT) training and certification through a nationwide network of Master Trainers.

Law Enforcement

Lifeloc works side by side with county, city and state law enforcement agencies to help deter and apprehend those who abuse alcohol. We serve Law Enforcement with advanced fuel cell alcohol breath testers (PBTs) for use by law enforcement at road side sobriety checkpoints, in the field, on the water and just about anywhere where alcohol abuse is to be found.


Lifeloc offers a full range of professional NHTSA certified breath testing equipment for use by Drug Courts, Treatment Centers, Probation and Parole and Community Corrections. Our professional grade FC Series units allow for the rapid testing of multiple subjects in "zero tolerance" environments as well as accurate individual BAC measurement.


Lifeloc FC Series professional grade breath alcohol testers are used by school administrators and school resource officers (SRO) in high schools, alternative schools, colleges and middle schools. Our testers make it fast, easy and cost effective to screen students for alcohol prior to school activities and support school alcohol and drug policy.


The World Heath Organization estimates that over 1.8 million people are killed in alcohol related deaths each year and that 76.3 million people have alcohol related disorders. Lifeloc is active in developing countries with law enforcement in establishing alcohol abuse prevention programs and in nations with more mature alcohol and substance abuse prevention programs. Our breath testing instruments can be easily adapted to different language, software and testing protocols.

"Comparing what is important - Accuracy, Speed, Ease of Use and Customer Service, it is clear that Lifeloc was and continues to be the best choice for our state-wide alcohol testing program."
-Michigan State Police Alcohol Enforcement Unit